We are your trusted Advisor in Wealth and Family Management. And we are much more.
This is why we call ourselves “Family Office”.

Established 2014 in Switzerland, Lugano, SWIX Family Office Ltd is an independent multi-family office. We stand at arm’s length to Swiss and International families in order to manage their wealth and protect their legacy for the generations to come. SWIX provides a large number of services to wealthy individuals or families going far beyond traditional private banking services. Whether we are using in-house know how and expertise or working with outside service providers, we will always choose, based on a best-in-class approach, what is right for the client.

The financial services industry is facing challenges and major transformation. We are strong enough, solid and reliable. We are committed to ethical principles that put client interests first, focused on long lasting client relationships beyond generations. Since years we focus on families and private clients, we understand not just what our clients want, but also what they need. What we have learned from our clients, is practical knowledge. This is why our success story began decades before the company’s founding.

NASA wants its astronauts to have at least 1,000 hours of “pilot-in-command time in jet aircraft”.

SWIX cumulated total hours of expertize in wealth management and clients advisory:


Time and needs change, trust and dedication remain.
A century of collective experience in Family and Wealth Management.

The firm was founded in 2014 by a group of experienced financial specialists with the objective to be the trusted independent advisor of prominent families, entrepreneurs and managers.

The company is committed to consolidate and develop its position as leading and innovative multi Family Office. Investments in IT allowed the firm to provide consolidated asset reporting and risk management services at the highest levels for an overview of the entire asset holdings.

SWIX is ideally positioned and managed to advise their clients objectively and without conflict of interest, only focusing on the most appropriate solution. We enjoy a strong and professional network of first class professionals, both locally and internationally. This allows us to have a fast lane approach for our clients.

The company is member of SAAM (Swiss Association of Asset Managers).


We have a duty to look after our team
as much as we look after our customers.
People who make it happen

We are in a service-oriented business, which makes our employees crucial to our success. We are committed to equal employment opportunity and we have a rock solid belief that having the right people is the key factor in excelling today while building strength for the future.

Behaviours that reflect the fundamental values shared by all the team members:

  • Be responsible.
  • Aim for service excellence.
  • Be creative and innovative.
  • Act as entrepreneurs.
  • Improve the quality of your work.
  • Be committed to being a proactive, principled partner to our clients.

Manucer Alexander-David

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder

Manucer, born in 1973, holds a Master of Art degree in Architecture from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. He holds a Federal Graduation of Expert in Finance and Investments (SFFS) and has attended a Master of Sales at the Duke University, North Caroline. Former Director of Credit Suisse, he was responsible for the Russian Natural Resources Industry Segment within the Private Banking sector in Zurich. Before moving to Zurich, Manucer oversaw the UHNWI business in the south side of Switzerland. He is active member and treasurer of Rotary Club Bellinzona and indipendent member of the Board of Directors of Mondo TV (Suisse), a listed company.

Giacomo Bernasconi

CEO and Co-Founder

Giacomo, born in 1976, holds a Master’s Degree of Science and Business Administration from the University of Fribourg with bilingual graduation. Former Vice President at Credit Suisse, as member of Premium Client group of Credit Suisse Private Banking he has an extensive advisory experience with UHNWI, Entrepreneurs and Executives. He joined Credit Suisse for the post-graduation key people training program and he worked in the corporate banking sector, focusing on structured finance for Swiss and Italian companies. He is member of the Board of Directors of LogoGrab Limited, Dublin.

Patrizio Manzuoli

Partner and Senior Relationship Manager

Patrizio, born in 1959, joined SWIX Family Office as partner in May 2015. He achieved the Swiss Banking School certificate and he attended the International Bankers School in Chicago. Former Managing Director of Credit Suisse, he was responsible for UHNWI European clients. Patrizio has a multi-year management and client responsibilities in the private banking industry. Member of the Executive Board at Banca Gestione Patrimoniale (a former independent private bank within the Credit Suisse Group) and managing director at Clardien Leu. While employed at BSI Tokyo Representative Office, Patrizio held various management positions, which focused on building and developing the BSI capital market and the private banking sector.


Francesca Clavarino

Chief Investment Officer

Francesca, born in 1986, joined SWIX Family Office in October 2016. She holds a Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Business Administration (Major: Finance and Management) from the University of Genoa (Italy). Francesca worked several years as an Analyst for JPMorgan (Milan/NY). She has been representative member for the EMEA region in the JPMorgan “Global Analyst Council”. Before joining SWIX, Francesca worked 3 years as Portfolio Manager and member of the “Asset Allocation Committee” for BSI Bank (Switzerland). In SWIX Francesca will act as Chief Investment Officer and she will be in charge for investment opportunities analysis.


Khatuna Toloraya

Relationship Manager

Khatuna, born in 1985, joined SWIX Family Office in December 2016 after a longstanding career within Credit Suisse Private Banking and Citibank Moscow. Khatuna has a multi-year experience in the banking sector and worked as a relationship manager mainly with HNWI clients and Entrepreneurs & Executives. She holds a degree in Finance from the Economic Department and as an English Translator from the Department of Foreign Languages of MLFA (Moscow Finance and Law Academy).


Chiara Paini

Executive Assistant and Consolidation Reporting Manager

Chiara, born in 1981, joined SWIX Family Office in 2015. Chiara has a multi-year experience in Private Banking. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Business Administration from the University of Lugano. While working for UBS she finished the allround program and held various positions within the UHNWI Italy sector. Chiara has a wide experience in the Family Office services, having worked for 8 years with reputable family office companies in Switzerland.


Paolo Pierobon

Senior Investment Consultant, CFA

Paolo, born in 1975, joined SWIX Family Office in April 2018, after a longstanding career (more than 15 years) within Credit Suisse. Paolo is a CFA charterholder and also, he holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
Former Vice president at Credit Suisse, as member of the Investment Consultant Team, he was responsible for elaboration of clients’ investment strategies, the review and analyzing clients’ portfolios and the implementation of the financial solutions. He has broad experience working directly with UHNWI clients, Corporations and Family Offices. During his career Paolo has acquired extensive knowledge in the most sophisticated investment solutions in several asset classes, with a focus on alternative investments. While employed at Credit Suisse Singapore he worked for the Structured Derivatives Incubation team where he developed and launched new products.


Stefano Camponovo

Senior Relationship Manager

Stefano, born in 1974, joined SWIX Family Office as Senior Client Advisor in April 2018. He holds a Master in Social Sciences from the Université de Lausanne and a Master in Financial Communication from the Università della Svizzera Italiana. Former Director at Credit Suisse, for which he worked 18 years as relationship manager and team leader within the Italian Market. During this period, he has developed an extensive experience with UHNWI and Entrepreneurs clients and families.  He attended Credit Suisse 12 months key people training Cross Divisional Talent Program with work experience in the Investment Banking and Asset Management division in London, Solution Partners Zürich and Credit Suisse SpA Milan.


Alessandro Albertoni

senior relationship manager

Alessandro, born in 1973, joined SWIX Family Office in September 2018, after a longstanding and successful career (more than 20 years) within UBS. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management and Finance from the H.E.C. University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Former Executive Director at UBS, he has an extensive advisory experience with high net worth individual international clients. He joined UBS in 1998 for the post-graduation key people development program and he has a broad experience within the Private Banking and Wealth Management division. Alessandro is a Certified Wealth Advisor (CWMA).


Marco Alazraki

relationship manager

Marco, a Swiss citizen, joined SWIX Family Office in September 2018. He is graduated in Financial, Banking, and Insurance Sciences from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy. Former General Manager and member of the Board of the Hedge Invest (SUISSE) SA, he will act as Relationship Manager within SWIX. He has a strong experience in the alternative and Hedge Funds industry and he used to work as investor relation manager for a Family Office , the Hedge Invest (SUISSE) SA and the Hedge Invest SGR (Italy) from the 2007 to the 2016.


Tiziana Gianocca

Executive Assistant

Tiziana, born in 1970, joined SWIX Family Office in November 2018 as an executive assistant. Tiziana has a strong expertise in the Family Office industry, having worked for 7 years with reputable family office companies in Switzerland. Tiziana worked several years for UBS focusing mainly on the Private Banking, Wealth Management and Securities Administration sectors.

Mattia Suira

Senior Relationship Manager

Mattia, born in 1982, joined SWIX Family Office as of January 2015, after a longstanding career (15 years) with UBS, Credit Suisse and PKB Privatbank focusing on high net private clients and corporate banking. Mattia has attended advanced education courses at the Swiss Banking School.

In what we believe


Swix commit to always operate in a responsible manner because we understand the impact and the value of all what we do for our clients, partners, employees, and the stakeholders around them.


In an environment of complete transparency, our clients, as well as our employees, must feel comfortable with SWIX. The customer is a welcomed host and his dearest and most important issues are handled with the utmost competence and dedication. We are committed in finding the best possible solutions for our clients and have those solutions to last over time.

Clients Satisfaction

Clients can expect more from us because we are always seeking to understand their needs better than anyone else. More than advisors, Swix and its employees desire to establish a long lasting partnership of our clients.

Alignment of Interests

SWIX is transparent and fair. The client agrees with us a coherent and transparent compensation model aligning Swix and client’s interests so that decisions are taken independently and in the exclusive interest of Swix’s clients.


We attach great importance to tradition and experience. In accordance with local, but also with international goals, we are open to change and we are future-oriented. We are innovators and leaders who are never satisfied with commonly recognized standards.


Our services have always been developed in response to client needs,
because we draw particular inspiration from our clients.

Entrepreneur and banker families (Medici and Rothschild families as example) used family office services before that a distinct sector emerged. The origins are in the Renaissance. That is why we strongly believe that a growing number of wealthy families require support, coordination and single point of contact to handle their bankable and non-bankable assets. Number of specialists (lawyer/tax lawyer, fiduciary firms, trust companies, private banks…) needs to be coordinated.

Wealth Management

Advisory Mandate

Every client’s story is different. Each one is unique.

In a complex and ever changing financial environment, we will assist you in developing your individual portfolio allocation and investment strategy, making sure your orders are implemented correctly and efficiently. We provide you with regular portfolio analysis (consolidated asset reporting), risk management and independent investment ideas. We believe customized advice and services should be delivered by tenured professionals who are personally familiar with client’s needs and objectives. You will take advantage of our fees negotiation and we will monitor the agreed fee schedules on a permanent basis. Let’s grow together, side by side.

Supervisory Mandate, Consolidation & Reporting, Risk Management

The only thing that’s changed is everything.
Independent. Exclusive. Discrete. Global. Easy

We will be your risk manager, negotiator and performance/benchmark controller. Prior to create an investment strategy, it is crucial to have an accurate global picture of the family’s wealth. Optimal monitoring depends on a clear reporting system that can illustrate all the components of a complex set of family holdings, providing detailed information in an easily understandable way. We have achieved this by leveraging the capabilities built for our institutional client base and have integrated a number of systems and processes to provide a seamless solution for our UHNWI clients.

We provide you with a condensed, transparent and customized overview of your financial assets (cash, deposit, equity holdings, bonds, funds, HF,…), your tangible assets (non-listed company holdings, real estate, property, art collections, car pool, yachts and airplane,…) and your intangible assets (title on rights, title on patents, human and social capital,…). Such up-to-date reports are constantly available and if requested, thanks to outsourced specialists, we can provide real estate property valuations with the accreditation of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), certified art estimations and valuation of non listed companies. We have achieved this by leveraging the capabilities built for our institutional client base and have integrated a number of systems and processes to provide a seamless solution for UHNWI clients.

Our economies of scale is your cost advantage, because you will benefit from our strong position in term of fee schedules.

The monitoring and reporting service is also offered separately from all the other services.

Discretionary Mandate

We don’t just take on mandates. We take on responsibility.

Our main objective is to preserve the long-term assets, while continuing to exploit investment opportunities. You can delegate the day-to-day management of your assets to us. We will understand your needs and objectives, your return expectations and your risk carrying capacity. Taking into consideration also other numerous factors such as the amount of your assets, your reference currency, your liquidity needs and your horizon, we will formulate your investment strategy. Our product selection is independent and free of sales objectives. Open architecture research platform ensures access to the best managers and we are not tied to in-house managed funds or products. We will actively manage your assets through a custodian bank of your choice. In term of fees negotiation, you will benefit from our strong position. We regularly inform you about the performance of your portfolio.

Custodian Banks Selection

Our company is the best thing that can happen to your money,
since not just any custodian bank is good enough for us.

We will support you with the selection process of your custodian bank. In today’s world the right depositary bank is an important added value. We will show you which custodian bank is the most suitable for your investment profile and targets. All reputable banks must apply stringent due diligence procedures when opening new relationship. Nowadays you will potentially experience significant difficulties in trying to open an account with one of the major banks. We will introduce you and you will benefit from our trustworthy background for the presentation and the compilation of the necessary documentation.

Our main custodian banks partners in Switzerland are currently:

  • UBS AG
  • Credit Suisse AG
  • Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd
  • PKB PrivatBank AG
  • Goldman Sachs Bank AG
  • Cornèr Banca SA
  • Bank Vontobel AG

Booking centres abroad are also available to you (including Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, London, Bahamas, Hong Kong and Singapore).

The list is not exhaustive and accounts with other depositary banks are possible depending on the assets volume and client’s requirements.

Family Office Services

We work closely with our client’s specialists (accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, real estate specialists…) and thanks to our expertise and know how we collaborate and liaise with an extensive and highly qualified network of service providers around the globe. Based on a best-in-class philosophy we review this network on a continual basis.

Motivations for working with us:

  • Legal & Fiscal Advisory: We have a lot of experience in selecting lawyers in different jurisdictions, achieving efficiency and convenience for clients who are then served by a single point of contact. We always seek the most robust solutions available, and are able to handle complex multi-dimensional issues.
  • Inheritance: Supporting client families in succession planning, generational wealth transfer and preservation.
  • Real Estate: Negotiating lines of credit and asset-backed debt, implementation of residential We have the necessary skills to devise the ideal financial structure and supervise the legal and fiscal aspects of each transaction.
  • Medical: Medicine is both a science and an art. Very often it is about having access to vetted and recognized field leader specialists. The ability to get high-quality second opinions for verification or for a different perspective is very important.
  • Art: We work with an international team of professionals, designed to provide expert and comprehensive advice on the acquisition/sale of artworks, analysis of the market/buying opportunities and artwork management.
  • Leisure: Cars, watches and wine. Freeing the family to pursue other interests.
  • Corporate: Thanks to our high-profile financial network we are the ideal support for small to medium-sized entrepreneurial companies. We advise clients in structuring financings, mergers and acquisitions, trade finance, listings, valuations, family mediation and other corporate finance matters, where appropriate in conjunction to other professionals or financial institutions.
  • Insurance: Part of a wider risk management strategy, covering the whole spectrum of family circumstances. We can source the most appropriate cover for our clients.
  • Ship and Aviation Finance: We provide a number of executive aircraft and yacht management services, ranging from purchasing and financing to financial control/reporting.
  • Philanthropy & Sustainable Investing: We can assist you if you want to devote some of your time and money to charitable causes while investing the rest of your portfolio responsibly and sustainably.
  • International Relocation: We support the client through each phase of an international relocation, from evaluating different tax regimes and implementing regulations to more logistical matters concerning the choice of a location.
  • Concierge services: Hassle-Free Service, taking care to all your needs, we make sure you are free to enjoy your wealth.


Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.
(Steve Jobs)

The Swix Investment Hub wish to create an environment where customers will have the opportunity to present their business ideas and to evaluate those proposals. In partnership with our clients, we strive to create an active investment climate and cross-investment opportunities without geographical limitation. Our task is to select, evaluate, propose, implement and monitor initiatives.

Furthermore, on behalf of investors, we can assume responsibility for selected strategic or operational initiatives such as participation in the Board of Directors or management mandates. Ultimately, the main tasks of the Swix Investment Hub are the intensive study of documentation and systematic alignment of strategy to suit the desires of the customers. As well as the negotiation and monitoring of implementation costs and the proposal of exit scenario’s.

Internationality with Swiss roots

Helvetica is the font of our logo. We have chosen this font for many factors like the aim of our name: Switzerland. We believe in our tradition in the financial industry, in our swissness, but in the same time, as our font, we would like to have an international spirit. Like the font our wish it to communicate with simple, well-proportioned letterforms that convey an aesthetic clarity that is at once universal, neutral and undeniably modern.

Helvetica is a widely used typeface developed in 1957 from a Swiss typeface designer, Max Miedinger with input from Eduard Hoffmann. Helvetica is among the most widely used sans-serif typefaces and is a popular choice for commercial and successful wordmarks including those for BASF, BMW, General Motors, Jeep, Knoll, Nestlé, McDonald’s and Skype. Commonly used in transportation settings, from the New York City’s Metropolitan Authority, to the Space Shuttle orbiter. The most ubiquitous of all typefaces had the honor to be first typeface acquired for the MoMA’s collection.



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